If You think we are Crazy you Should Get to Know Our Father.

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“If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied.”- 1 Corinthians 15:14

“Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called…”- 1 Timothy 6:12

Last night, one of the girls had a seizure for almost the hundredth time. I sat by her bed and held her hand until she looked up and smiled at me; then I went downstairs to get organized for the busy day we have today- full of a specialist’s appointment, a special education meeting, and occupational therapy. At the fist appointment, we will begin to talk about wheelchairs- the best seating for both the girls and for us as me as their main caregiver during the day. A few months back, the question came up, both from professionals and myself, of how I would be able to push the girls whenever I was by myself with them. I adamantly affirmed that I do not want to always have to have someone with me in order to get my girls out and about as they get older- I want to simply be momma with her girls at times- so today, we will discuss how in the world we could make this happen. In between meetings, I will need to feed the girls between appointments; and also discuss one of our medicines that was dropped out of the blue from our insurance. Eye surgery has been on the table for quite some time, so we will be emailing back and forth with that specialist to think about both the latest risk of surgery (seizures; likelihood it will not be a permanent fix) and benefits (potential for helping their vision at least for a season).

Last week, we gained a new piece of equipment that I have been wanting for quite some time- a hospital grade suction machine. (Funny the things that get you excited in the special needs world!) The girls have had chronic coughs off and on throughout these past few months, and with their muscle tone being so low, it is such grace that we have not had any major problems this winter. With that being said, for preventative care purposes, our physician wanted us to get this machine in order to help keep Bailey Grace and Ally’s lungs safe. They, understandably so, despise this machine and have horrible memories of it from past hospital visits; so I am hoping to delay this for as long as possible.

It seems our threshold is already pretty high, right?

So- why in the world are we adopting?

Why do we think we are ready now?

Why do we think He has called us?

If you think we are crazy, you should meet our Father.


Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe…for the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God…so it is written, ‘Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.’- pieces of 2 Corinthians 1:20-31, emphasis mine

His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His strength cannot compare.

All Him.

Friends, we are not ready to adopt. We actually never will be. I’m not quite sure anyone is ever “ready” for anything that is worth doing. But God.

He has been ready since before time. He has called us for this specific season, and He is the One that is both carrying and equipping.

The Bible- God’s divine Word, the thing the Lord wanted all His children to know, speaks of many people who had two things in common: God-given faith and a whole lot of human weakness. Many of them, if not most of them, were stepping out to do the very thing that the world around them thought was absurd. Yet- how would their faith ever grow-how will our faith ever grow- if we spend our lives trying to stay comfortable?

You know, I think the church spends a lot of time trying to look attractive to the world; figuring out ways to be relevant and show Jesus, all at the same time.

What I really think a watching, cynical world needs to see is a people who recognize how extraordinary of a God we serve. A people who are stepping out into risky, big, God-led adventures- not for the sake of the shock factor; but for the sake of showing the glory of a God who is so other than man. The world will begin to listen when God’s children begin loving in a way that not only says but shows that, “There is no way this could work without God”.

And friends, if God doesn’t show up in this adoption- both the process and moving forward- we have no Plan B.

He is our only Answer.

He is the One we are trusting.

This is His plan from before the beginning of time.

Abraham was willing to offer his only son in what seemed like a futile, cruel, suggestion from a supposed loving God.

Noah began to build an ark, warning a world about a rain that they had never before seen and spending all his moments doing something everyone else thought was ridiculous.

Abraham went to a foreign land, stepping out before God even told him where he was going.

Sarah, way past child-bearing years and barren for as long as she could remember, received the power to conceive and birthed a child.

Moses left Egypt, risking his life for the sake of obedience.

God’s people crossed the Red Sea on dry land.

The walls of Jericho fell down after God asked people to march around them for seven days.

Daniel shut the mouths of lions.

David- known as a weak, small man- defeated the giant known as Goliath with one single stone.

Many were tortured and martyred all for the name of Jesus.

These are the people who God wanted to use.

These are the kinds of things His children have been called to.

So, what about you?

Our God is looking for people who seek to make His glory known by stepping out in faith, stepping forward in obedience, and doing the very thing that we can confidently say,

“If God doesn’t show up, we are in trouble”.

And friends- He will show up.

Let’s make one thing clear: this is not for the sake of pleasing man or displaying something for man’s sake. No. This is for Him. This is a response to the God who loved us so much that He was willing to die for us. His record is now mine, and that very truth causes me to want to do whatever it takes to know Him more and make Him known. As Erma Bombeck said it best, “When I stand before God at the end o my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.

We have seen God show up in our little family’s life in so many ways, and we want to move forward in what He has called us to with confidence that He would continue to do so.

A promise that I make to you is that you are going to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. For the ladies reading: I am not going to make this a “mascara and concealer” kind of reflection. I want to share our weakness- the true weakness- so that He can shine all the more. The reality of all of our lives is that the more authentic we choose to be, the more free we are and the more we are able to encourage others to do the same.

We do not know what is around the corner.

We know that this is not going to be easy.

Yet, as I have said before:

When we focus on what- our problems look bigger. When we fixate on why- we become more frustrated. Yet, when we remember the Who- we find peace, joy, and assurance.

Our Who is greater than all the questions or fears that come along with this journey.

The reward is great- more of Him and less of us (and a precious child of God to shepherd!)

My prayer for you today is that if you have not already, you begin to live a blank check mentality (this is something our former pastor and friend, David Platt, preached on often). That you would leave the date open, the amount open, everything open but the Who- all to God.

I want you to share in this journey with us because I want it to encourage you to step out in faith in your own story, trusting that God will always show up.

The task is big, yet our God is bigger.

All glory to Him and Him alone.

“He who calls you is faithful, He will surely do it.”- 1 Thessalonians 5:24

***I want to make note of the ways you can help financially with our adoption yet again. The Top Bar Above (Where the About Us link is) has a way to buy t-shirts or simply Donate at our gofundme site. If you choose to buy a t-shirt, note your size on the page in which you fill out your personal information. Thank you so much for your continued support and for choosing to play a role in bringing home baby Cheek!***

One thought on “If You think we are Crazy you Should Get to Know Our Father.

  1. Hello,Dear Sister-Friend~After reading;”My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers this AM,”What My Obedience To God Costs Other People” (Luke 23:26)..then reading your post for today! *I hope you can get the entire message,as I can’t think of anyone else that this would be more of a ‘God-Fit’ for,than you and your husbands choice to ‘follow through’ on what He is calling you to;Adoption…Just one line from this message:”If we are in love with our Lord,obedience does not cost us anything, it is a delight,but it costs those who do not love Him a good deal…”We have simply to obey and to leave all consequences with Him”. “Only God”. “Thank you”,for being a Trail-blazing Believer,more concerned with ‘His opinion’,than your own ‘comfort zone’. I know He has already fully equipped you and your husband,with the promise of His ‘daily mercies’,and ‘sufficient grace’ for each step of this journey you are on.Praying for His ‘perfect peace and rest’,as you forge ahead;”Looking unto Jesus.the Author and Finisher…”Love and Blessings,Shalom and Hugs,Sue4Him

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