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Can suffering be seen as joyful? How can we believe that God has good plans for each of us when brokenness and trials abound? Is there a God who truly and intimately knows the details of all that we walk through- even to the point of being in control of it all?

Endowed with severe special needs, Ally and Bailey Grace, the twin daughters of Hugh and Morgan Cheek, have had far from typical lives; but they have also been a huge catalyst for their parents to learn important lessons about the power of God’s grace and the importance of trusting Him in all things.

On Milk and Honey is the inspiring true story of Bailey Grace and Ally’s first eighteen months of life from the point of their mother. Through the unique trials faced by this loving family, readers will discover how God’s love can be found in the most unexpected situations, even in times of great suffering- and how letting go and trusting in His sovereign plans- most especially when they are different than we would anticipate- can be the key to experiencing true joy.


Available on Amazon and Kindle beginning

July 13, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Book Announcement…

  1. Morgan thank you for blessing me today by His word through you!! You are an amazing godly lady and I’m so thankful you are sharing your thoughts and God’s words🙏 I’m going through horrible anxiety and I know listening to you and studying God’s word will make a huge difference in my life!!
    God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family🙏
    In Christ Love,
    Debbie Gray
    And I cannot wait to read your book🙏

  2. CanT wait to read your inspiring story of these beautiful girls. I’ve loved all the Cheeks for a long long time. My niece has identical twin girls ………beautiful like yours….Sarah and Lilly are Autistic…..they are ten now and it’s been amazing to watch their Mom become the most organized, energetic, spread the word about her WonderGirls Mom, while trying to live a normal life in a very abnormal situation. Thank you for sharing your girls and for your deep and thoughtful insight of the Holy Spirit in your life.
    All the Whites keep you in our prayers. God bless you, Morgan for this gift.
    Sally White (Columbus)

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