Thank You.


I feel like I have been somewhat silent the past few months. I have heard it said that a book becomes like a baby in a sense. You tenderly care for it, nurture it, and feed more and more life into it.


I have put figurative blood and sweat, and literal tears, into this book- but mainly I have poured out my heart to God and asked Him to bless His words that He has so undeservedly chosen to breathe into me. And Saturday, this moment happened:


My last round of editing was turned in and now, I wait for them to do their thing and put some last minute touches on this story turned manuscript turned book.

So many exciting things are ahead! I cannot wait to announce much, much more to you; but today, I just want to express thanks to my dear readers for continuing to follow, read, and share His Hands, His Feet, His Heart. I have begun fervently praying that God would use these words, written by a sinful woman so hungry for grace, to show more and more of Himself to a world desperate for the reassurance and satisfaction only He can provide.

I hope to have more information for you SOON, but between now and then, would you do me a favor?

If you have not already done so, please follow the blog so that you will get updates in the most efficient manner (I have made this part easier for you! Just click the, “Follow” button on the right side of the home page.)

So many of you have shared various posts, and for that I am humbly grateful. If you could continue to get the word out about His Hands, His Feet, His Heart via sharing the site through social media, word of mouth, at your church, wherever- it would mean so much to me.

I will be scheduling some book release events in the coming days, and if you are interested in getting more information on how you can set one of those up, contact me either through the His Hands, His Feet, His Heart facebook page or email me at


(The excitement around here is palpable).

So much thanks to each and every one of you for your support. Because this whole thing is for Him, to Him, and through Him, I will end on a beautiful verse that He presented to me this week:

“Only in the Lord it shall be said of me, are righteousness and strength…”- Isaiah 45:24

Because of Him and Him alone I stand.


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