Weekend Wisdom with: Antoinette Wilson

I do not know Antoinette Wilson. I do not know when she was born, or when she died. I did thorough research (aka I googled her!),  and all I could find was the poem I am about to share with you that she wrote in an issue of a magazine publication in 1912. If you google, “Antoinette Wilson” and “1912”, you find numerous people and websites that have posted this poem, however. Regardless of anything else, she shared her heart in a moment’s time and it mattered and has encouraged many, including myself, since. Today’s weekend wisdom is twofold: for those of you who are, in fact, at your wit’s end, I pray you will hold fast and be reminded that He is with you. If the sun is shining and the birds are singing in your little corner of life, look at Antoinette Wilson’s journey and allow your heart to smile. Whatever you do today matters. There is a purpose that was given solely for you, and you never know when God is in the midst of using the gifts He has given you to work in the hearts and lives of others; even the generations not yet present. He is working. He is able. 

                                                             Wit’s End Corner

Are you standing at “Wits’ End Corner,” Christian, with troubled brow? Are you thinking of what is before you, and all you are bearing now? Does all the world seem against you, and you in the battle alone? Remember- at “Wits’ End Corner” is just where God’s power is shown. Are you standing at “Wits’ End Corner”, blinded with wearying pain, feeling you cannot endure it, you cannot bear the strain, bruised through the constant suffering, dizzy and dazed, and numb? Remember- at “Wits’ End Corner” is where Jesus loves to come. Are you standing at “Wits’ End Corner”? Your work before you spread, all lying begun, unfinished, and pressing on heart and head, longing for strength to do it, stretching out trembling hands? Remember- at “Wits’ End Corner” the Burden-Bearer stands. Are you standing at “Wits’ End Corner”? Then you’re just in the very spot to learn the wondrous resources of Him who fails you not: No doubt to a brighter pathway your footsteps will soon be moved, but only at “Wits’ End Corner” is the “God is able” proved.

                                                                                                                                              -Antoinette Wilson

“They…were at their wits’ end. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress. Let them thank the Lord for His steadfast love!”- Psalm 107: 27b-28; 31

He is using the fabric of all of our lives to make something beautiful. 

                                                                                                                  Happy Friday!


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