A team of about 30 people will be leaving this Sunday (Feb. 5th) to go to Bangladesh. We will be doing medical missions while there, and will be living like the people (which means we will not be living with virtually any Western comforts for three weeks). We will return on February 25th, and I am certain it will be a life-changing experience for all involved.
Hugh and I prayed for a few weeks (or months) about whether or not I should accompany him on the trip. As much as I wanted to go, it was going to be a step of faith for numerous reasons. I would have to quit my job; and the amount of money we had to raise for two seemed insurmountable. After many prayers and talks, we determined that I would, in fact, go on the trip with him. Since we made that decision, I would say that most of my prayers have centered around this trip. The past couple days, I have been all too aware of how much of my life has focused on the upcoming three weeks. Do I think this is a bad thing? Not necessarily. There are details that have to be taken care of (dipping clothes in permethrin, finding thermarests/sleeping bags/backpacks, retreats to prepare us for the culture we will be entering into, etc.). However, the whole process has had me thinking about expectations for God to show up, and how much that affects our seeing God work.
Growing up, I always had something that I was looking towards. Whether it was a friend’s birthday party or a dance recital, from a young age, I was constantly looking forward. Once I became a Christian, I believe I unintentionally began doing this with God. I would look toward the next youth retreat for a time to truly see God work. I would get excited about youth group in hopes that God would “do something big”. While I believe that God absolutely meets us in these mountain top experiences, I am certain that He wants us to see Him in the everyday as well. I believe that God is just as willing to show us Himself and His glory in the little things; I am just not sure our eyes are as clear to see it. Matthew 6:34 reminds us to not worry about tomorrow and to focus on TODAY. I was reading a devotional by Sarah Young this morning, and she said something that truly caught my eye. She writes, “How ridiculous to grasp for future gifts when today’s is set before you!” It’s not that it is wrong to prepare for, look forward to, and pray for future events; we just must be careful to not miss what today holds as well. As I sit here, 48 hours from leaving on a journey that God has known about since before time, I don’t want to miss the blessings (and struggles) of this moment. After all, who knows what tomorrow holds? (James 4:13). I want to embrace each and every second the Lord puts before me. He promises us He hems us in-behind and before- in order that we might live out His will for us right here, right now. THIS is the day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24). You are so precious to Him.

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