Living the ?.

Home for sale without any prospects.
Move to an unknown place.

Within the next few months, all of these things will be a reality for my husband and I, and for many of our precious friends in Augusta. I have officially resigned from my job of three years to spend most of the month of February on a mission trip in Bangladesh. While there, we will experience the discomforts that are all too familiar to those that live there. When we come home, we will be coming home with no income and a mortgage that must be paid. We will then find out where God has us placed for the next three years, and while we have some say-so, it is ultimately not our decision. The world would tell us that this all sounds scary; that so many unknowns aren’t good. While logically this may be true, what does my God say?
The world says I will be jobless. God says my identity is found only in Him and that He will provide. (Gal. 2:20, Phil. 4:19)
The world says that Bangladesh will be full of poverty, filth, and all that is foreign to our American life. God says that while this may be true, I am already a foreigner on this earth. (1 Peter 2:11, Psalm 119:19)
The world says that the uncertainty of selling our home combined with a move should cause us to fear. God says He watches our going and our coming, and that He has a plan and a purpose for us. (Psalm 121:8, Jer. 29:11)

In the midst of all the question marks of life, God is in control. This post, while personalized to fit me, could be the journey of any of our lives. We all have seasons of change; seasons that seem more “out of our control” than others. I certainly struggle with wanting to know the answers; wanting to take the reigns of “my” life. I believe that it is in these times, he is asking us to take away the “I’s”, “my’s”, “me’s”, and “mine’s”, and replace them with His and (ultimately) Him. It is all His. It was His job that He entrusted to me for a season. Those are His people, whether in Bangladesh or America or anywhere else. He created them; and us. He will sell the house He has entrusted to us in His timing. He will place us in the city where He would have us glorify Him most. It is ALL about Him. And while living the question marks, we are promised that He is up to something that will bring us good and Him glory. Who or what else offers us this? No one; nothing. Only Jesus.

One thought on “Living the ?.

  1. Morgan, I have so immersed in your blog, that I don;t even remember how I came upon it! You are wise beyond your years and your words certainly fit the description of the “journey of any of our lives”……Thank you for sharing with the world, both far and near, even to this one soul who now writes, the affirmation and reminder that our precious Lord IS in control and it is up to us to relinquish all our fears, doubts, and worries….He know best where we are to serve and HOW we are to serve!

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